Operations: The "Little Engine That Could" or Could NOT?

For businesses experiencing challenges around Cost, Efficiency, Capacity, or Delivery


  • Profits suffering because the current cost structure is not sustainable
  • Efficiency falling with the introduction of new products or poor quality production
  • Capacity not being fully utilized, or realized capacity falling short of expectations
  • Delivery not meeting the needs of the customer or the business

Desired Outcomes:

  • Reduced costs in-line with expectations, improved EBITDA
  • More efficient and productive operation, better use of resources
  • Increases in capacity and throughput while maintaining cost structure
  • Predictable and consistent product delivery, improved cash flow


  • Execute an Operations Deep Dive┬áto quickly identify the problems,
  • Quantify the value of solving your operations problems to your business and customers
  • Create a value-based roadmap to the desired outcomes

Case Study: Equipment Manufacturer



With new sales leadership in place, the business was concerned operations did not have the structure and processes in place to create the required production flow to support the Sales and EBITDA goals.


Actions: Operations Deep Dive


  • Mapped material movement, highlighting bottlenecks and backflow
  • Built capacity/labor planning model to quantify resource requirements for build plan
  • Complete realignment of the shop floor creating a linear production flow


  • Implemented formal plan to level-load production to meet customer needs
  • 20%+ improvement in booth production output
  • Improved shop floor utilization, increased both volume and consistency of production

Operations leadership are sustaining the gains and driving continuous improvement

Next Steps...

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