sales & operations planning: s&op or flop?

For businesses with a basic S&OP and/or home-grown process who are not achieving the desired results.


  • Siloed and/or dysfunctional organization not achieving the desired outcomes
  • Sales forecasts are wildly off the mark, or are non existent
  • Operations not producing the product the sales team needs, when they need it
  • Financial forecast disconnect between revenue and cost; don’t know who to believe

Desired Outcomes:

  • Cross functional alignment that drives business success
  • Sales forecast improves measurably with a better understanding of customer needs
  • Operations producing the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity
  • Financial predictability improves dramatically, improved projections of revenue and costs


  • Execute a Sales & Operations Planning Deep Dive to quickly identify the problems,
  • Quantify the value of solving your operations problems to your business and customers
  • Create a value-based roadmap to the desired outcomes

Next Steps...

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