“Practical, can-do, positive and calm approach benefited the team, especially at difficult times. Superb at directing and working through client personnel, influencing and never causing offense, and at rolling up the sleeves and working directly alongside blue-collar folks on grimy factory floors.”
Peter V., CEO, Riverside Portfolio Company

“Mike held several initial team meetings, listened and concisely framed the core objectives. All this was done quickly and efficiently, using tools like spaghetti process mapping. From there, he jumped onto the shop floor, engaging the team, and helped us understand that several of our process workarounds had become the root cause of our problems. Mike created an environment where the team helped construct the solution; building confidence and trust from the operations floor to the executive offices. Most importantly he delivered on the objectives & goals of the project.”
Steve Cooper, VP Engineering & Operations, Riverside Portfolio Company

"I had the good fortune of working with Mike at Hines Specialty Vehicle Group. Mike's ability to quickly identify opportunities and develop strategies to capitalize on those opportunities has helped HSVG successfully navigate through some tumultuous markets. Specifically the oil & gas business drop off as a result of plummeting oil prices. Mike restructured the organization and reconfigured the lines to take advantage of markets that were performing, increasing productivity and responsiveness on those products. His analytical skills are able to identify nuggets of wisdom that are actionable and would be otherwise missed. I fully endorse Mike for future opportunities."
Jonathan Randall, Senior Vice President, North American Sales at Mack Trucks

"During the time I worked with Mike, he did more to improve operational effectiveness than any other person that had led the manufacturing and supply chain organization.  Not only was Mike involved in managing the direct labor force and supervisors he was responsible for all the other Supply Chain and Operations functions as well. Mike was a valuable asset to the organization. I can recommend him without reservation."
Scott Johnston, CFO at Steward MacDonald

"Mike recorded a webinar for me on S&OP. Not only was it insightful and informative, Mike was enthusiastic, professional and helpful. Highly recommended."
Paul Napper, Curriculum Developer at KNect 365/Lloyds Maritime Academy

"I had the pleasure to work with Mike at Carlisle Brake and Friction. He was hired for his excellent experience and talent in creating global sales and operating planning systems for industrial marketers and manufacturers. Mike's ability to set strategies, work with groups to develop plans and then lead their execution is truly impressive."
Chris Pizinger, President at Lovegreen Risk Management  

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