What to do when you hear “Cash Flow is Killing Me”

If you have had enough with slow inventory turns choking cash flow, here are three steps you can take today to get the inventory turning:

  1. Identify inventory with <2 turns
    Who bought it last? Great reason to initiate a sales call!
  2. Identify your SLOB (SLow moving & OBsolete) inventory
    How long has it been on the books? >5 years? Sell it for scrap.
  3. Parts with >6 months’ supply
    Is it a catalog part? Return to the vendor for credit.

If inventory turns and cash flow are on your radar screen, I have a Rapid Discovery processes you may be interested in

I’d love to chat when it’s convenient. Please send me a note at michael@mryangroup.com to set up your free call.   Alternatively, my calendar is available online.  Please schedule your call here > https://calendly.com/mryangroup

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